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At The Florida SEO, we drive more clients to your website than any other online source.

We’ve designed a Framework that Grows Businesses

The Florida SEO has developed a time proven marketing strategy will help you get in front of your customers and dominate your competition with the help of Google, Facebook, and 7 years of industry experience.

the florida seo expert
the florida seo expert

the florida seo expert

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the florida seo results
the florida seo results

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the florida seo expert results
the florida seo expert results
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The Florida SEO Experts

We are an SEO company in Florida, with experience. Our team has spent years learning the ins and outs of Internet Marketing. Quite simply, we know which techniques  work and which don’t. The Florida SEO has developed a process that drives relevant “buyers” to your business through organic traffic, paid traffic (PPC) & social media. Every client receives a detailed outline of the most effective & industry relevant approach we will take to achieve success. Our system varies from client to client, as each individual business is unique. Your business requires an approach tailored specifically to you. Our team of Search Engine Optimization Consultant’s has developed and tested a unique process that ranks businesses on Google that generates results. We provide more than just “metrics” we generate leads.

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Our Process

At The Florida SEO our framework is designed with 4 fundamental phases:

Research, Strategics, Analysis, and Growth Maintenance. We’ve broken down these key steps in detail below.

R & D

We work tirelessly to gather intel, develop a strategy and understand the ins and outs of your industry, competitors, and much more


Our team collaborates with yours, then constructs a detailed, step-by-step plan of action to achieve measurable results


We re-visit and fine-tune all areas of each project to align with our projected goals. At this point we are competing with the top SEO companies


It is at this continuous phase of evolving and maintaining growth. The Florida SEO works to ensure we maintain an upwards trajectory and meet deliverables

Phase 1: Research & Development

This phase consists of Collaboration & Industry Research

The Florida SEO R&D: In this phase, our company has our initial collaborative discussion where we gather as much intel as possible. It is important that we learn all we can about your business and you learn all about ours as well. With this vital step, we are able to provide the best services. This is where we begin our journey as a team. And as a team, it’s vital that we work hand in hand focusing on each of our individual strengths. In this first phase we will discuss the methods we will use to achieve measurable results. Some of our tactics include: competitive research, analytics reporting, utilizing industry trends and website auditing.  

We believe in learning as much about your operation as we can. Only then do we feel we can produce the best possible results for your business. You know your business better than anyone, that’s why we take the time to truly understand all the moving pieces. Once we have all the information necessary about your specific business, we research your industry as a whole. Using the industry research and the detailed information about your business, we work together to formulate a plan of action

One of the first actions in the Florida SEO process we plan to execute is auditing your website. Our team makes sure your site is setup to track the data necessary to measure growth. We run an extensive analytics audit which will reveal the areas we need to focus our efforts most. It is imperative your site runs properly so we can effectively measure traffic and track our progress. Only a Florida SEO expert with extensive knowledge in the industry is able to find the more stubborn, hidden problems holding your website back. Our team is equipped with such experts who will provide you with unparalleled service.

Understanding your competition is hugely important when growing your business. In order to have the upper hand, we must learn all we possibly can; not only about your business but about your competitors as well. We use industry leading technology and the best tools available to help aid us in our process. These tools help us keep an eye on your competition. We learn as much as we can from your competitors and their sites to design the most effective plan of attack.  

Phase 2: Roadmap

This phase consists of our strategy moving forward

The Florida SEO Adjustments: Now having completed the collaboration and the outline we move to our tailoring phase. It is at this point we optimize all areas of the project. Once we begin to delve into our work we will see in more detail what we are working with. There are always items that arise throughout this process. For example: while auditing your website we may find problems A, B and C. It is now during our tailoring phase that we decide upon a customized approach to fix these problems. Our SEO Services Florida are founded on re-targeting, and adjusting the areas where we accumulate enough data to make an educated analysis.

Throughout our project we will discuss some of the most pertinent areas of SEO that will achieve the best results. One of these is content. We’ve developed a relationship with one of the best SEO Companies in South Florida due to our content. Having a large amount of the right content is key in achieving the best results from our efforts. Our team will work closely with you to develop this content. We will map out each piece we aim to create on the detailed outline. Consistently creating new content throughout the project is a pivotal approach to success with The Florida SEO.

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Phase 3: Adjustments

This phase consists of re-visiting or optimizing focal points

The Florida SEO Roadmap: After extensive research and learning all we can about your business, your industry and your competition, we are then ready to collaborate with you & construct a detailed strategy that forecasts the highest success rate. Some of the main points we will discuss include: keywords, content development and link development. In this phase we will discuss all of the different facets that comprise each of these main points. During this phase we will also break down these focus points, and explain the why’s & how’s.

One of the areas included in the project outline is customer profiling. Our goal is to connect your business with more potential customers, creating more growth. The Florida SEO can help your business do so by using audience targeting. By using Search Engine Optimization effectively you are able to specifically target your potential customers. This helps your business get in front of the right people.

Another important branch of SEO is the understanding and implementation of keywords. Our team of Florida SEO Experts has a strategy of labeling keywords in order to develop a diverse keyword profile. We typically break keywords down into 2 major categories. The first type is bottom of the sales funnel, buyer intent, Second is those users who are shopping around, or “kicking the tires” we’ve labeled this second type of keywords Informative. It is crucial to identify the right keywords for your business. We do this by observing industry trends and thoroughly understanding your organization and customers. The proper keywords can dramatically improve your results. In the same token, improper keywords can yield negative results. This is one of the many reasons to work with a team of professionals who have experience in the industry and, to be blunt, know what they are doing.  

In the outline that we build for your project we include each phase of work in great detail. Every task will be notated with a start date and completion date ensuring we are always on track.  There are many components that make up SEO and we will keep track of every task no matter how small it may seem. Every link we build, every step of keyword research, all pieces of the puzzle will be included in the detailed outline. This also provides a tool to keep both our client and our team on the same page throughout our collaboration.

Phase 4: Growth Maintenance

This is phase consists of maintaining our upwards trajectory

The Florida SEO Growth Maintenance: At this point we have arrived at the final phase of our project. We have now collaborated our efforts, constructed and executed an in-detail plan of action and have tracked results and/or issues that have arisen. It is now that we need to maintain the positive results we are seeing. This is when we put our money where our mouth is, we also provide a list of paid & free search engine optimization tools for you to perform your own analysis(if you’d like) We show you that we can not only get you the success you seek, but we can help you keep it.

SEO is a branch of marketing that requires specific knowledge and upkeep. It is important that we not only rank you on google, but we keep you there. At this point we will review the results of your project to ensure you are satisfied. This is followed by creating a plan for maintenance & expansion and discuss how it will be executed moving forward. It is at this point, where you truly find out if The Florida SEO Expert is the top SEO marketing company.

the florida seo company

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