Best Free Google SEO Tools 2017

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Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Free Google SEO Tools?

Last Update January 14th, 2017: Best Free Google SEO Tools 2017 – Now that Rank Brain is on the forefront of Google’s algorithm, it is crucial that we tap into our inner-brain surgeon. Here’s a list of our 5 Best Free SEO tools in 2017.

free google seo tools

1.LSI Graph – Semantic Keywords

Best Free SEO Tools 2017, Best Free SEO Tools 2017, Best Free Google SEO Tools 2017Isn’t that awful? That’s where LSI Graph comes in handy. LSI Graph, or “Latent Semantic Indexing”,  refers to the synonyms used by Google to decipher the context of your web page. All you do is type in your focus keyword, solve a rubix cube-esque captcha, and VOILA!

You now have a nice list of synonyms for to use instead of just writing “free iphone, free iphone, free iphone, free iphone” you can now write something that adds to UX-“how to get a free iphone from apple”.

Best Free Google SEO Tools 2017: LSI Graph

free google seo tools 2017

2.Screaming Frog

My personal favorite on the list, is Screaming Frog. Similar to “BeamUsUp”, Screaming Frog is a “Website Crawler that Allows you to Crawl Websites”. Essentially Screaming Frog allows you to see Google’s perspective of your website, and adjust accordingly.

When it comes to maximizing efficiency, this tool takes the cake. It allows you a general overview of your site, giving you a chance to frequently monitor a website if you’re an agency owner managing sub-contractors! No matter who you are though, Screaming Frog is certainly a tool to make use of.

Best Free Google SEO Tools 2017: Screaming Frog

free google seo tools 2017

3.Keyword K.O. : Keywords Everywhere & UberSuggest

This makes keyword research so much easier. Of course it is still crucial to cross reference the metrics you see, this combination makes finding seed keywords incredibly simple. Depending on the browser you are using, you can find Keywords Everywhere in the Add-on/Plugin webstore of your Browser of choice. Once you’ve installed Keywords Everywhere, you can then mozy over to UberSuggest and begin your process to keyword victory.

I use Chrome, here’s a link.

free google seo tools 2017

4. SEO Powersuite

This tool covers multiple bases, offering 4 seperate tools packaged into one handy download.  This software is fantastically free! However they do offer a paid version with added benefits. SEO tools can add up to quite a bit per month, that’s why we decided to give SEO Powersuite a shot, and boy are we glad we did. This software in chock full of useful tools, covering almost every base you need for effective SEO. This tool comes with:

  • Rank Tracker: Auto track your rankings for any custom keyword, also allows you to do some kw research.
  • SEOSpyGlass: Backlink & competitive research. Also allows you to analyze the exact links that may be harming your site.
  • Website Audit: Site-wide crawl and content optimization tool. Similar to screaming frog, this tool gives you a surface level insight on your website and where you need to optimize performance/SEO.
  • LinkAssistant: Outreach, link building management. Allows you to find opportunities and track your current outreach campaigns. Progress tacking to allow you a better understanding of which campaigns perform best.

Best Free Google SEO Tools 2017: SEO PowerSuite

best free google seo tools 2017

5. Google Structured Data Testing Tool

If you aren’t using Schema or JSON then stop what you are doing. Go to your website and either download JSON-LD/ or use the tool provided by Google to generate Schema markup. This is an incredible ranking factor that has really gained traction over the last year. This does not only effect technical SEO, it affects CTR. When a user sees a knowledge graph or rich snippets, it shows up and gives you that competitive edge you may need.

Best Free SEO Tools 2017: Structured Data Testing Tool

best free google seo tools 2017

We are always focused on maintaining optimal efficiency. In order to do this, we need to stay current. So let us know in the comments section if you have any ideas, or if you’ve had experience with any of the tools we’ve mentioned above!


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