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At the Florida SEO we outrank even the best Miami SEO company. If they can’t rank their own business, how can you trust them to rank yours?

We are Florida Search Engine Optimization Experts

Looking for a Miami SEO firm? Get this, we not only provide top notch search engine services, we also provide you with a detailed strategy to dominate your competition.

Why Us?

Our Miami SEO services include guidance that allows you a crystal clear picture of where your website is and where & what we are going to do in order to get it dominating search rankings. The Florida SEO has been generating leads & brand awareness for businesses nationwide, by becoming We provide the best SEO services Florida. Our honest approach provides a never before seen experience to the business owner. The Florida SEO consists of a certified team of SEO experts, our company was born out of a distaste for the way SEO services are treating their clients. We aim to add as much value as humanly possible, and if we can’t, we tell you! It’s that simple. We combine the detailed client management system of larger firms, with the affordable costs of an individual freelancer. Each and every SEO strategy is unique. Let The Florida SEO achieve your business goals.

More About Us

We Execute Revolutionary Techniques.

Imagine This

You’ve just created a few pages for your website, and your anxiously awaiting your inevitable online success story. After hours turn into months you realize the cold hard truth.
At The Florida SEO we stick to what we’re best at, Search Engine Optimization. This leaves time for you to maintain your business, spending time where it is most cost effective

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Our Specialties

  • Connector.

    Link Building - Miami Search Engine Optimization

    We’ve built hundreds of thousands of backlinks over the years, our methods have proven to be extremely effective

  • Connector.

    Keyword Research - Florida SEO Services

    With Artificial Intelligence on the forefront of Google’s algorithm, keyword research has evolved. We provide cutting edge industry tactics to find highly searched keywords with the least competition to effectively market your business.

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    Competitive Analysis - Miami SEO Services

    We provide you with an in-depth breakdown of who your exact competition is and what they are doing to rank. This allows us to develop and execute a strategy that is far more advanced & at a larger scale.

Ranked #1 Best SEO Company in Florida

Miami SEO Expert

Odds are you’re an independent company with a website — you might even be using another SEO service right now — yet you’re asking why the hell your website isn’t ranking as high as your competitors. In addition to that, you’re likely wondering why all this traffic isn’t converting into leads & you somehow wound up with the worst SEO marketing company in Florida. In addition to that, you’re likely wondering why all this traffic isn’t converting into leads. Well you’re in luck our team of certified specialists is on-call 24/7, we don’t settle for 2nd page rankings, and most of all we are completely transparent. We will never ask you to sign any binding contract, or steer you in the wrong direction for monetary gain.

Local SEO

Local SEO is our specialty. When potential clients need your services they search for you on Google. Get in front of your competition and grow your business with our certfied team of professionals. Just take a look at our website, We’ve ranked our business Number 1 on the Google Map results and on the search results.

Regional SEO

When a proper SEO strategy is implemented, large businesses tend to yield the largest ROI from our services. We capitalize on the fact that most businesses aren’t creating an effective SEO strategy, and execute our groundbreaking tactics. With a larger scale campaign comes a more detailed method. We’ve developed a proprietary method of ranking big businesses in a month’s time or less.


Gone are the days of spending $100 on 10,00 backlinks and becoming Google famous. With Artificial intelligence on the forefront of Googles search algorithm, it is increasingly important to follow the correct back linking procedure. We’ve created hundreds of thousands of backlinks for clients over the years & developed an extremely efficient strategy while doing so. Our techniques avoid the possibility of Google penalties and yield the highest results.

Pay Per Click

Certified Pay-Per-Click Advertising for Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Facebook Ads. This type of advertising offers a revolutionary tactic. We are no longer forced to run a radio ad & pray the right customer is there to hear it. We can now target your ideal customer while they are at the end of the buying process, seamlessly offering your services at the ideal moment. Over the years we’ve been able to develop a tactical approach that drives sales & provides an optimal return on investment.

The Dawn of SEO

Search Engine Optimization began in the mid-90’s, as webmasters began identifying the positive impact it has for Website owners worldwide. In the beginning, the only thing we would need to do is submit a url to Google that would “crawl” that specific web page, then index in the search rankings. It was that simple. Unfortunately this became all too evident to webmasters, and eventually spammers. This lead to a complete disaster for Google. The end-user was not getting what they searched, a simple search for “Fishing Supplies” would return a number of websites offering users a free fishing trip in the Bahamas and a duffel bag full of spending money if they(the end user) pays a small one time fee of $5!

Naturally Google caught on to this malfeasance and implemented stricter protocol. This type of occurrence still happens today, there’s been numerous major updates that have all followed in the same footsteps-Webmasters figure out the algorithm, placating it wherever possible, leading Google to increase the complexity of the search algorithm.

With constant increases in complexity, comes a larger risk for improper techniques. That’s why we’ve developed such an in-depth protocol that strictly follows the guidelines set by Google, while manipulating them in our favor.

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